dog training school

Even before you chose your furry friend, you were no doubt already thinking about the training process ahead of you. It’s true that family pets simply must be well-behaved to maximize everyone’s domestic bliss. It’s crucial that working dogs are able to follow specific commands without fail, and therapy dogs must adore attention yet never ask for it. No matter the role your new dog will fill in your life, you can be sure of one thing: consistent training will be fundamental to her success. If you’re here, you’re likely weighing the pros and cons of a dog training school vs. one on one lessons. Today, we’re sharing the key factors you can weigh to help make the right choice.

In-Home Training

Our one on one lessons services are ideal if you want to be involved with each step of your dog’s training. In two sessions—separated by the perfect amount of time for the two of you to practice—our licensed trainers will teach your dog to follow commands while coaching you so that you’re a consistent, kind, confident leader.

In partnership with our trainer, you will establish your dog’s obedience to an extensive list of commands, including down, stay, come, and leave it. Equally important, you’ll spend time learning how to teach proper on-leash manners. You’ll define the boundaries within your home (Is your dog permitted on the furniture? The bed? All of these questions will be up to you to answer), and we’ll ensure that your dog understands and adheres to them.

If you’re working on potty training your puppy, our trainers will show you the most effective, up-to-date training methods to make this stage exponentially easier!

We’ll also help you extinguish your dog’s unwanted behaviors, including mouthing, jumping, excessive vocalization, and food stealing. All dogs come with certain quirks, but the sooner these behaviors are eliminated, the less difficult the training process will be.

We believe one on one lessons is also ideal for dogs with certain special needs, not just for puppies who may be too young to attend group lessons. If you have rescued a dog who has been through trauma, are working with a dog who displays fear-related behavioral issues, or have an aging pet coping with new health concerns, home training will almost certainly be a better starting place than our (equally awesome) dog training school’s active environment.

Whatever your dog’s needs may be, our one on one lessons will be customized to achieve your behavior goals!

Dog Training School

Our two-week intensive training program is perfect for puppies who have had their shots, especially if you will have a busy schedule during these crucial training months. While many people realize that they will have to take some time off work when their puppy is first settling in, they may still be unprepared for the effort involved in creating proper training boundaries.

All Dogs Unleashed uses a proprietary training method that uses only the best evidence-based, positive techniques. Our practices are appropriate for dogs of any age, stage, or breed, but we highly recommend them for puppies. While we can definitely teach an old dog new tricks, the benefits of puppies making these connections at the right age, in the right environment, with the right trainers, can make a huge impact on your puppy’s behavior.

At our state-of-the-art expanded training facility, your dog will have the opportunity to have positive interactions with other well-trained dogs under the watchful eye of our expert trainers.

Socialization is key in ensuring that a dog interacts appropriately with other dogs. To receive the full benefits, your puppy’s socialization should be fully explored before the age of 16 weeks.

For this reason, we suggest contacting us to book your training sessions as soon as you know you’ll be bringing home a new pup. We often fill our facility to capacity, and it’s important to work with puppies when their little canine brains are eager sponges; booking ahead of time will secure your spot at just the right time.

Since your dog or puppy will be with us for two weeks, consider our intensive training program when you are traveling, remodeling your home, or any time you’re too busy to keep up with training. You’ll get a much-needed break, and your dog will return home behaving better than ever.

We’re Here For You and Your Dog

Whichever method you choose, we happily offer unlimited follow-ups to brush up your training. Before we leave you and your dog to work together on your own, we’ll make sure you’re completely prepared to safely reinforce our training using positive training methods.

Unlike punitive training, or “scolding” a dog, our methods transform the thoughts of your dog. We guarantee that if you stick with the methods you’ll learn, your family, and your friends will all be able to continue to enjoy spending time with your beloved pet without worrying about annoying or destructive behavior problems.

No matter your dog’s current behavior, contact us today! We’ve seen it all, and we’ve got the tools to turn your dog around.