ADU’s family is all about our passion for the training and services we provide to our clients. We are a reliable team that takes our responsibilities beyond the professional level. We get to know your dog on a very personal level. Our clients get the best experience and education possible even after dogs and owners graduate.

The heart of our business is the clear communications and bond between dog and owner. Every ADU team member is committed to the training and education all dogs in our care. We are dedicated to teaching your dog how to be trusted in real-life situations and educating our clients about how their behavior affects their furry friends.

BRIAN CLAEYS - Co-Founder and Managing Partner


Brian’s professional experience ranges from world champion sport-dog trainers to being taught by some of the top pet trainers in the country. During his career, Brian has successfully trained more than 4,000 dogs.

He took first place in protection at the PSA K9 clash tournament and competes in IPO sport with one of his dogs. He has been an IACP professional member since 2007. Brian is skilled in tracking, obedience, scent detection and other forms of competitive training.

Brian continues to participate with the DFW Labrador Retriever Rescue Club in training and homing rescue dogs. With vast training experience, Brian also focuses on teaching other trainers his techniques so more dogs can be successfully trained.

A native to Sioux City, Iowa, Brian’s passion for dogs came from an early age, growing up with trained Labs and German shorthairs.

Together with his friend and business partner, Travis Lux, they designed a training method suitable for different dogs and needs based in obedience and behavior modification and inaugurated All Dogs Unleashed in 2007 in Carrolton, TX. Brian is pursuing his dream of training dogs and helping them become the perfect member of any family.

FAVORITE TREAT: Football, boating and his bowling league. Brian also enjoys training his canine companion continuously and spending time with his two children, Nate and Keli.

FURRY FRIENDS: Kai, a pure love Labrador; Jet, a very chill Shih Tzu; Ike, a super loyal Belgian Malinois

TRAVIS LUX - Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Travis is skilled in obedience, tracking, protection, service dog and therapy dog training. He has trained more than 4,000 home pets.  During his youth, Travis and his father trained hunting dogs.

He was privileged enough as he got older to train with some of the world’s best obedience and sport-dog trainers. Travis also works, along with Brian and the DFW Labrador Retriever Rescue Club, on tough cases to help train the dogs and find them a good home.

Born and raised in Sioux City Iowa, Travis started all dogs unleashed in 2007 with long-time friend and dog lover Brian Claeys. He is married to Beth and has two boys, Jayden and Cruize.

FAVORITE TREAT: Travis enjoys dog training, volleyball, bowling and boating.

FURRY FRIENDS: Travis competes with his two dogs Django Belgian Malinois PSA sport and Kuku in IPO sport.


“All dogs unleashed has provided me with the tools and great knowledge training under world champion dog trainers, police service dog trainers, and many respected trainers across the U.S. and Finland.”

Steven joined All Dogs Unleashed in 2010 as Head Trainer, where he had the opportunity to learn from Travis and Brian. He continuously keeps his training experience up-to-date by attending seminars, championships and workshops. Together with his best friend and right hand man Vader, a 2-year old Belgian Malinois, Steven practices on improving his knowledge in PSA, tracking, high obedience, sport retrieving, service training and scent detection.

A native to Iowa, Steven has always had the desire to be around animals and their environment. His passion for training started at a young age with his retrievers. “I love being able to provide customers with clear communications and success with their dogs so they are able to exceed their potential with one another. Deaf, stubborn, large breed or small, I can train them all. I look forward to helping you!”

FAVORITE TREAT: Steven enjoys playing outdoors, exercising and spending time with his pack.

FURRY FRIEND: Vader, a very intelligent Belgian Malinois.