Separation anxiety, depression, obesity, excessive barking or chewing are good reasons to bring your dog to our Dallas doggie daycare program. Dogs are social animals and require socialization around other dogs and people. Daycare builds positive canine social behavior and provides an outlet for normal dog behavior.

All Dogs Unleashed offers doggie Daycare for customers interested in making sure their dog socializes with others in a safe and monitored environment during the day. Bringing your dog to our daycare facility means he/she will meet other furry friends, play fun games, and get personal walks. All dogs get the exercise and personal attention they deserve.

We currently have indoor and outdoor playing areas that are properly design to make sure all dogs have enough space to play, drink water and potty.

Your dog also must be 6 months or older and if they are a male they must be neutered, weigh at least 20lbs, and your pup must be well-behaved to play with other dogs.

You must also provide proof of updated vaccines such as rabies, bordetella (updated every six months), and distemper/parvo. Please contact us for Daycare schedule availability.

Boarding Per Night
Daycare Per Day