Franchises offer entrepreneurial opportunities without many of the risks you incur when starting a business from the ground up. You may not realize just how broad the franchise spectrum actually is. Here’s a closer look at the different types of franchises (and how to choose the right model for you). Job Franchise Job franchises are […]

Growling, biting, and defensiveness: these are all warning signs of aggression. Unfortunately, dogs exhibiting aggressive behavior are often labeled “bad dogs” when in reality, they just need hands-on intervention. Read on to learn the most common types of dog aggression and what to do about them. Fear Aggression Fear aggression stems from chronic or trigger-specific […]

In recent years, we’ve seen a major uptick in the number of registered emotional support dogs across the nation. Unlike service dogs, emotional support animals (ESAs) aren’t required to undergo specific training before earning their titles. Does that mean you should forgo training your ESA? The short answer is no! Read on to learn the […]

Starting a traditional business from the ground up demands a great deal of effort and capital, and there is little guarantee of success. It can take years to start turning a profit, which, for many people, isn’t an option. Opening a franchise can eliminate some of these barriers while allowing entrepreneurs to focus on their […]

Your dog is just like any other dog: she loves to play, she sticks to you like Velcro, and she’d do anything for a tasty snack. The only difference? She’s deaf in both ears! We’ve been asked more than once, “Can deaf dogs be trained?” The answer is yes. Deaf dogs are highly trainable as […]

In those early months of destruction and high energy, you may not want your puppy to have full access to the house at all times. Would puppy crate training be right for your young dog? Read on to learn why crate training, when done properly, can have a positive impact on your puppy’s behavior and […]

Some dogs are thrilled to take a trip in the car, but not yours. You’re not alone! Many dog owners come to us saying “My dog hates car rides.” Your dog may resist getting in when you open the car door, whine, cry, drool, and pant for the duration of the car ride, and may […]

Franchisees don’t have to start from scratch. They receive training and guidance on everything from the business model to the best marketing tactics. With all that support, how much independence do franchisees have? More than you think! Read on to learn some of the key areas where you can majorly impact your All Dogs Unleashed […]

As soon as your dog sees another person, she gets overly excited: jumping, whining, barking, and maybe even releasing her bladder. Her tail is wagging a mile a minute and you know she’s expressing her enthusiasm, but her intentions aren’t quite lining up with the impact of her behavior. It’s up to you to curb […]

As a future franchisee, you have hundreds of options to choose from. Once you’ve decided that All Dogs Unleashed suits your skills, interests, and budget, there’s only one thing left to do: research your market. Read on for five signs that an All Dogs Unleashed franchise is right for your community. Dog Ownership Rates are […]