In the canine world, some dog breeds are well-known for being stubborn, or more difficult to train, than other types. Spitz-type dogs are independent and suspicious of strangers, herding dogs are wickedly clever and easily bored, hunting hounds can be impossible to call off an exciting target, and even deceptively docile dogs like English bulldogs […]

Even before you chose your furry friend, you were no doubt already thinking about the training process ahead of you. It’s true that family pets simply must be well-behaved to maximize everyone’s domestic bliss. It’s crucial that working dogs are able to follow specific commands without fail, and therapy dogs must adore attention yet never […]

While you’re working on training your puppy, it’s important to train your dog to respond to you in a wide variety of locations. Because dogs perceive new situations as entirely different environments—potentially with a different set of rules—exposure to a multitude of locations, humans, and other dogs is vital. Today we are sharing recommendations for […]

So, you’ve just adopted a dog from a shelter or rescue. Congratulations! Given time, love, and steady, patient training, adopted dogs can be just as wonderful as their traditionally-raised counterparts. Your job now is to teach your furry new companion to interact appropriately with the world around him or her. The good news is, no […]

By the time you have brought your new puppy home, he’s already old enough to begin basic obedience training. Commands like “sit,” “stay,” “down,” and “leave it,” are all excellent examples of commands you should teach during your first lessons. But what happens if—like most owners of new puppies—you find that your furry friend’s attention […]

Every dog has the natural urge to chase to a certain degree. The descendants of wolves, dogs enjoy the predatory pastimes of stalking, sneaking, pouncing, and shaking. For specialized hunting breeds like Airedales, German Pointers, and Beagles, however, this prey drive can be expected to be dialed up quite high. Rather than training hounds with […]

Thirty different breeds of dogs comprise the Working Group, including the Great Pyrenees, Boxer, Newfoundland, Akita, German Shepherd, and the Siberian Husky. If you are considering adding one of these clever, powerful canines to your family, you may be wondering about K9 training classes for working breed dogs. Of course, these special dogs have been […]

Like all young mammals, puppies are voracious learners. Like sponges, they soak up every ounce of positive training. 14 weeks is the prime age to begin puppy training, but what happens if you’re trying to train an older dog? When you’re considering puppy trainers vs. dog trainers in Austin, can one K9 trainer work with […]

Choosing the right DFW dog obedience school is not just about browsing online and reading reviews; it’s important to choose the dog trainer who uses methods that will work for your dog, especially when you’re choosing a dog trainer for a puppy. When you’re speaking with a dog trainer or dog training company, it’s important […]

Looking for 5 star puppy training near you? Find your location! Getting a new puppy is an experience comprised of equal parts joy and exhaustion. Each puppy comes with unique quirks, which can be challenging—especially for first-time dog owners. If you are planning to get a dog, or have encountered training issues with your brand-new […]