The pet industry is a rapidly growing, profitable sector of the economy. US pet owners spent over $100 billion on furry friends in 2020. Pet franchise businesses are booming right now, especially those specializing in dog care and training. An ADU franchise is an incredible opportunity to enter this fruitful industry. Here, we will walk […]

For generations, some dog breeds were bred specifically as guard dogs. These dogs were trained to protect households, livestock, and other property. Today, these dogs can be great police, work, and family home guard dogs. Having a heightened instinct for protection is an excellent quality in many breeds, but all breeds can become overprotective in […]

Many dogs are born with disabilities or develop a disability during their lifetime. Having a dog with a disability can make training more challenging, but your dog can still live a rewarding life. There are many different options to train your dog to make their life more accessible and allow you to trust your dog […]

Dogs are very social creatures. Because of this, they are highly motivated to seek attention. This is especially true of high-intelligence and high-energy breeds. Still, all dogs will require interaction with their people throughout the day. Some dogs will seek attention by any means possible, utilizing less-than-desirable behavior to pull your focus toward them. Understanding […]

For those with an entrepreneurial spirit, franchising can be a great opportunity. Becoming a franchise owner allows you to grow and develop a business you are proud of with the support and guidance of an already successful business system. All Dogs Unleashed is one of the fastest-growing dog training franchises in the U.S. We value […]

“Why is my dog showing aggression?” is one of the most common questions pet owners ask when seeking professional help with their dogs. Growling, lunging, nipping, biting, and loud barking can all be signs of aggression in your dog. Your dog may be aggressive towards you, other family members, strangers, or even other dogs for […]

Are you looking for a way out of a dead-end 9-to-5 job?  Today, we’re sharing our top 7 reasons to franchise with All Dogs Unleashed. In our current economic climate, it can be a tricky time to start an independent business. At the same time, workers report feeling limited by the wage caps they face […]

Does your dog ignore you or run away from your frantic calls? Getting ignored by your pup when you call can be one of the most defeating situations in pet ownership. Even dogs that are attentive listeners inside can seem to lose their sense of hearing outside. Not only is this annoying, but it is […]

Something we often see with puppies at All Dogs Unleashed is sudden, (seemingly) out of nowhere fear responses to stimuli a puppy has had no reaction to previously. This can be alarming to pet owners. Obviously, you want to be able to ease your dog’s fear, but it can also present stressful behavior problems and […]

Is a dog training franchise right for you? As the cost of living continues to rise, wages are not following suit. Being an employee in a single role often means your opportunities for advancement are limited; your salary has a cap, and the room for advancement may be non-existent. For motivated individuals who want to […]