You’ve no doubt walked into a friend’s home only to be greeted by their dog jumping up on you and knocking you off balance, scratching you, or damaging your clothing. Yet another all-too-common experience is a puppy or poorly-trained dog nipping or mouthing at you, whether at your hands, clothing, or shoes. These encounters with […]

We love our dogs dearly, but often dogs and puppies display behaviors that we do not like. Today, we’re discussing chewing and digging. Our goal is to understand and eliminate destructive chewing and digging while still giving dogs the opportunity to enjoy these behaviors in positive ways. Why Does My Dog Chew? Dogs chew because […]

For many families throughout the Dallas/Ft. Worth region, the magic of Christmas is made complete by the gift of a gorgeous new puppy. If you’re one of the lucky people who received a puppy for Christmas, our advice on welcoming him home will cover supplies, establishing a routine, and the best time to schedule training […]

If there’s one behavior virtually every dog exhibits, it’s a drive to obtain delicious foods. As a result, many owners of puppies are concerned with eliminating begging behavior before it becomes a habit for their dog. We’ve all experienced eating near a grown dog with poor manners; the dog will whine, paw, and even bark […]

Are you dealing with separation anxiety in a puppy? When you first bring your new puppy home, we recommend that you take time off work—or work from home—for at least the first week. Your home is a strange place for your new friend. Mom and siblings aren’t here; unfamiliar sights, smells, and sounds are everywhere, […]

Barking is an entirely normal and expected behavior in dogs of all ages. Still, a dog that barks constantly is a nuisance to you and your neighbors and can be a sign of a dog that isn’t well-trained or is not getting its needs met in appropriate ways. Today, we’re discussing how to eliminate excessive […]

Puppies often exhibit what we consider to be annoying behaviors, many of which are frequently mishandled, even by the most well-meaning dog owners. Understanding what motivates dogs to behave as they do is an ideal foundation from which to build a healthy relationship and training dynamic with your puppy. When obedience training begins early, is […]

Most people who bring a dog into their lives intend to have a close friendship with their pet. For their part, dogs also desire a close bond with their humans. A strong relationship between canine and human allows dogs to feel relaxed, safe, and trusting—all of which means they’ll be more likely to accept and […]

Barking is normal behavior for your dog. Dogs bark to communicate with each other and with people. Still, it’s common for dogs to bark too often, or in response to stimuli that makes their barking a nuisance to their owners. You may be wondering: “Can All Dogs Unleashed stop my dog’s excessive barking?” Absolutely, we […]

Many pet owners lately have found themselves needing to quickly and effectively train their dogs to cooperate and behave. At All Dogs Unleashed, we offer an one on one lessons program that allows owners to be more involved throughout the training process. Our in-home dog training DFW services allow you to enjoy each of the benefits that […]