Recall is a dog’s willingness to come when called regardless of distance and distractions. Many owners start with a specific word, like come or heel, but ideally, your dog should exercise recall even when you call her name. Though recall may seem like a simple response, it’s one of the most important things you can teach a dog and serves as the foundation of all of our Dallas dog training. Let’s take a look at why recall is a training must.

Creating Expectations

You’re going to have a hard time teaching your dog obedience if she doesn’t understand what you’re asking of her or why she should listen. Ultimately, dog training is about establishing with your dog that you’re in charge at all times. Though recall takes time and consistent effort to instill in a dog, the overall objective is simple: when you call, they come. There isn’t much room for confusion on your dog’s part, and soon, she’ll understand that she receives the reward of treats, affection, or praise in exchange for doing what you expect of her.

Making Space for New Commands

Some owners only want to teach their dogs the basics, like sit, stay, and lay down. Other dogs may need to meet higher standards, especially if they’ve been selected to become service, emotional support, or working dogs. No matter how extensive a dog’s training will be, you’ll see the best results by taking an incremental or gradual approach. Recall isn’t just about asking your dog to approach you; it’s also about asking for their attention. Almost every command you teach them will begin with or include some form of recall, making it a great starting place for any training regimen.

Increasing Safety

Unsurprisingly, many dog owners who come to All Dogs Unleashed for training help have their sights set on a specific goal: walking their dog off-leash. Before allowing your dog this freedom, you need to focus on training that will increase her safety and the safety of others. Recall is the most critical element of off-leash safety because it ensures your dog will return to you when other people, animals, and cars are nearby.

How to Build Reliable Recall

As mentioned earlier, recall is a simple behavior that can be hard to teach. It’s important to start in small, enclosed spaces and gradually practice the command with more distractions and distance between you and your dog. Eventually, your dog should come to you the first time you call her and accept non-food rewards like praise. Only when recall is consistent and swift can you grant her the freedom of an off-leash experience.

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