As we begin a new year, it’s time to start thinking about the changes you want to make in your life and career. Is All Dogs Unleashed the right franchise for you? Are you ready to become a business owner with us? Read on to find out.

You’re Ready to Learn

Maybe you’ve spent the last few years working in retail or getting your marketing degree. You’re proud of what you’ve accomplished so far, but you’re ready to take the reins, put your experience to use, and expand your knowledge of the business world. At All Dogs Unleashed, we’ve worked hard to perfect our business model. Our goal is to provide the best training for our franchisees so they can provide the best service to their customers.

You Want More Freedom

The modern worker is looking for more flexibility and work-life balance than ever before. Having someone else writing your schedule and telling you when you can take time off just isn’t cutting it anymore. While running your own All Dogs Unleashed location is no small feat, being the boss will give you more freedom than ever before. Plus, you won’t have to put in the endless hours of trial and error that most new business owners face.

You Love Dogs (and Their Owners)

If there’s one thing that our franchisees have in common, it’s an absolute love of dogs. As a dog lover, what could be better than spending your day running a business where dogs come to get groomed, trained, and taken care of while their owners are away? With the help of All Dogs Unleashed business owners and their employees, dogs across the nation are tapping into their best behavior and building stronger bonds than ever with their owners—and you can help.

You’re Seeking Manageable Costs

Each year, hundreds of entrepreneurs launch their journey as franchise owners because opening a franchise is often more accessible than starting a business from scratch. However, not all franchises are equally accessible when it comes to start-up costs. While some franchises cost upwards of $250,000 to launch, you can get started with ADU for as little as $99,500. We also offer a competitively low royalty rate of 6%, allowing you to maximize your profits.

Your Community Would Benefit

Dog ownership is on the rise and many communities are in need of the services ADU has to offer. In fact, very few other business models provide grooming, boarding, and training all from the same reliable and trustworthy team! If you’re ready to give back to your community by doing something you’ll love, ADU is the right franchise for you.

At All Dogs Unleashed, we take pride in every one of our locations and give our franchisees the tools they need to succeed. Contact us if 2024 is the year you’ll open your own All Dogs Unleashed location.