The pet industry is a rapidly growing, profitable sector of the economy. US pet owners spent over $100 billion on furry friends in 2020. Pet franchise businesses are booming right now, especially those specializing in dog care and training. An ADU franchise is an incredible opportunity to enter this fruitful industry. Here, we will walk you through what makes an All Dogs Unleashed franchise profitable and successful!

Our franchising opportunity attracts highly-motivated, entrepreneurial, dog-loving folks nationwide. ADU began offering franchises in 2021, and since then, we have helped our franchise partners open up 19 franchise locations across the US. Our franchisees have locations in Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Louisiana, Nebraska, North Carolina, Colorado, Iowa, Arizona, Tennessee, Minnesota, Florida, Idaho, and South Carolina. With ADU, you can do something you are passionate about while gaining the financial freedom of owning and operating your own business.

Here are just a few reasons our franchise owners can expect success with their ADU franchise:

1. Minimal Investment, Big Returns

An ADU franchise is a more accessible alternative to starting a new business. The minimum investment for an ADU franchise is $49,500 for the franchise fee and $50,000-$100,000 in additional investment costs. The franchise royalties are 6%, which is average for the franchise industry. Considering we are the US’s most profitable pet resort company, you can turn over a significant profit from minimal up-front investing.

2. Industry Growth Drives Profit

The pet industry is a highly profitable sector—and it is only expected to become more profitable. Over the next 5-10 years, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 16% increase in pet care and animal service workers, much higher than the average across industries. As the industry grows, so does our business. We offer the services pet owners are increasingly seeking, and we will continue adding services to meet our customers’ needs. Our holistic approach to pet care keeps us relevant in an expanding industry—making our franchises highly profitable.

3. Accessible Franchise Support

ADU is not just a training facility. We also offer similar amenities to a dog resort. Because we go above and beyond typical training facility services, we have become the highest revenue-producing pet resort in the US. We started franchising in 2021 to invite others into our ADU family and help them build careers following our business practices. With over a dozen franchises across the country, we pride ourselves on offering the comprehensive training and support our franchise owners need to succeed. Our support services cover all business areas, including operations, management, customer service, marketing, and networking.

Our ongoing support is intended to guide franchise owners toward success using our proven business model. Our franchisees receive regular visits from ADU representatives and can enjoy an extensive network of other franchises and franchise owners. Here are some other benefits of franchising with ADU:

  • Program/Management Orientation
  • Comprehensive training and expectation setting
  • Equipment training
  • Program training
  • Facility maintenance
  • In-house marketing
  • Inventory
  • Program planning
  • Daily administrative duties and quality assurance

You bring the passion; we bring the business expertise to turn that passion into profit!

ADU has proven marketing and sales tactics that have made us the #1 highest-grossing pet resort in the USA. Our strategic franchise partnerships have allowed us to expand our success across the US and invite even more people into our ADU family. If you love dogs and are ready for an incredible business opportunity, franchising with All Dogs Unleashed could be everything you are looking for to achieve personal and financial success.