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    philosOur philosophy at All Dogs Unleashed is to create clear communications between dogs and owners. We know firsthand the importance of the bond between dogs, families and communities. By educating families about how to properly interact with their dogs, we can create a positive lasting impact to their relationship for years to come.

    We designed every aspect of our training program and services to make the relationship between dog and owners more enjoyable and fulfilling. Our unique training program has been proven to be highly effective. We’re passionate and determined to fully train and educate all dogs in our facility. When dogs graduate from our training program, they’re fully ready to be part of your loving family.

    Customers come to rely on All Dogs Unleashed for their dogs training and well-being while in our care. We have a history of proven results and treat all dogs with respect as if they were our own furry friends. All Dogs Unleashed is confident in our trainers’ capabilities to execute our effective program while providing a safe environment for your canine companion.

    At All Dogs Unleashed, we specialize in results-oriented obedience training. Our trainers are highly-qualified to address any breed of dog. The training method developed by All Dogs Unleashed is suitable for all dogs and is based on obedience and behavior modification.

    Other traditional dog-training techniques, where the command “NO” is used to address unwanted behavior, only lead to behaved dogs while the owners are present. Our very unique training teaches the dog to teach itself, this way the training works even when you are away from the dog.

    The Board and Training program at All Dogs Unleashed is a 2-week program that’s conducted in a highly-structured environment. After our training, your dogs will perform all the desired commands, and will achieve the control you desire.

    Once your dog is trained, we then spend a couple of hours training you and your family! It is very important the rules and expectations are consistent, which is why we don’t leave until everyone feels 100% comfortable with continuing the training from home.

    Along with training, your dogs will get structured outdoor/indoor socialization around other dogs.

    This service is ideal for puppies, busy owners, training around high distractions and dogs that need extra attention.

    Going on a vacation? The Board and Training program is a great option if you are planning a vacation or if you’re too busy for private lessons. Imagine coming home from a relaxing vacation, to a well behaved dog being returned to you in the comfort of your own home.

    We address all behaviors including:

    • House Training/Potty Training
    • Puppy Biting/Mouthing
    • Jumping
    • Chewing/Digging
    • Boundaries
    • Barking/Whining
    • Off the furniture (if desired)
    • Crate Training (if desired)
    • Aggression Proble

    Our Indoor/Outdoor Training teaches:

    • Come When Called
    • Place Command
    • Pulling on the Leash
    • Jumping on people/Furniture
    • Chewing/Digging
    • Biting/Mouthing
    • Bolting/Wait at the Door
    • Heeling (on and off leash)
    • Down/Stay Place Command
    • Sit/Stay (close and at a distance)
    • House Training/Potty Training
    • Nuisance Barking/Whining

    Our Board and Training program is designed around your convenience. We accommodate pet owners with our free pet pick-up and delivery along with unlimited follow-up for the life of your dog!

    Contact us for more information and to schedule a free in-person demo.


    More Info:

    Puppy training is a fantastic method to manage the safety and well-being of young puppies. From the first years of your puppy and throughout life, learning and training never end. Professional training for your puppy will teach you basic rules, such as going to the bathroom at the right times and in the right places. They also teach general obedience. It includes spending time with him, so they both communicate in the same waves, and people communicate differently, and a good coach works with you and your dog, showing you how to understand. And many times, it’s much easier than you imagine.

    Professional training for puppies is very important. The puppies are like the children, are empty. Many people try to train puppies at home. However, if you have never trained a puppy, do not have time to do it, or it seems to not work well, professional puppy training can give your dog manners and respect for the authority he needs to become a good dog. However, if you have never trained a puppy, do not have time to do it, or it seems to not work well, professional puppy training can give your puppy manners and respect for the authority he needs to become a good dog.

    Training your puppies in Dallas is one of the best gifts you can give your new dog. Teaching their obedience and preservation is essential for a good relationship between the animal and the human. Many people love their dogs, but they do not know exactly how to train them to be the best. The immediate benefits of saving a puppy in professional puppy training are obvious: fewer mistakes at home and less married shoes. the dog has never been trained, the owners can say that their dogs are in control.

    Most people think that obedience is a dimension, and you just say the order and your dog obeys. There are many more kinds of puppy training dallas training classes You must understand your dog and the way they think. It can help you become a better animal owner and be more in touch with your dog’s needs. The people in a dog are very important and this is an area where many people do not pay attention to them. If someone enters your house and your dog literally knocks it down at the entrance, it is considered rude.

    Your pet can not leave anyone alone when they pet him, and this is another case of bad manners that can be repaired. Dallas obedience classes for puppies focus on manners so that your dog knows what behavior to expect when in the company of other dogs and people. Positive rewards are the best form of training. A soft and firm approach to the dog will bring you much better results than anger and spanking. This is often the way many of our parents have disciplined a dog, and this is learned behavior, and violence with a dog only awakens fear and is not what you want in your favorite home.

    When looking for a puppy training dallas think about whether your dog could benefit the most from individual training or group classes. Also, when choosing a trainer, ask for prior experience, success stories and a certified dog trainer through the certification board for professional dog trainers.