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Bringing a new puppy into your home is a joyous occasion, and it won’t be long before everyone in the home develops a strong emotional attachment to the newest member of the family. However, an undisciplined puppy can quickly become a source of tension, and even the puppy will become unhappy in such a situation.  

Thankfully, professional puppy training in OKC can help you avoid any bad situations with your new pal. The experienced trainers at All Dogs Unleashed OKC will work with you to help teach your puppy what’s expected of them. You’ll also learn your own role as their authority figure, which is an essential part of developing a positive dynamic between you and your puppy.

Why Do You Need Puppy Training in OKC?

In general, providing basic training for your puppy results in them maturing into a better-adjusted adult dog. They will learn what you expect from them, and that, in turn, will help reduce tension and behavioral issues later in their life. 

All Dogs Unleashed OKC offers training sessions that will help any new dog owner instill good behaviors in their young pup.

Set Up a Reliable Routine

We’ll work with you to set up a routine for your puppy to learn as they adjust to their new home. A good routine will make it easier for the puppy to adopt behaviors that are consistent with your expectations. For example, teaching your puppy when to expect their meals will reduce pestering and begging throughout the day.

Improve the Puppy’s Attention Span

Young puppies have very short attention spans, and if that isn’t helped earlier on in the puppy’s life, they will carry it through into adulthood. An easily distracted dog is undoubtedly more difficult to manage, so we’ll help you strengthen your puppy’s attention span and mental focus through practice and positive reinforcement.

Strengthen Your Bond

Another benefit of puppy training in Oklahoma City is that it will help you develop a strong bond with your puppy. By working through training and practicing lessons with your puppy, you’ll learn to communicate and work together, forming a bond that will remain strong through consistent practices as your dog becomes an adult.

Relieve Headaches with Barking Cessation Training

There are many reasons why your puppy may seem to have a barking problem. In some cases, external stimuli, such as other dogs barking nearby, can instigate their own barking. Other times, separation anxiety or a desire for attention might prompt barking.

All Dogs Unleashed OKC will help reduce barking by using impulse control training. Certain strategies, such as teaching your puppy to sit and stay, will help instill patience and diminish barking. 

Barking cessation training won’t eliminate all barking, but it will help curb social barking and territorial barking, and as you practice these lessons with your puppy, you’ll help them grow into a more peaceful and reserved adult dog. It’s also important since dogs also use their barks to communicate when they experience pain or feel sick. Less frequent barks will help you recognize when something is wrong.

Keep a Cleaner Home with Potty Training for Puppies

There are two factors involved in providing effective potty training for puppies. All Dogs Unleashed OKC will help you address these two aspects of potty training to ensure your puppy develops good habits for relieving themselves. 

First, we’ll go over your puppy’s routine to make sure you’re providing an environment that reinforces good potty habits. Doing so might involve switching to a healthier type of food and establishing specific times for feeding your puppy. While you should provide fresh water for your puppy, you’ll learn when to remove access to water.

The second part of this process concerns training your puppy to learn the good potty habits you want from them, which involves taking your puppy outdoors frequently. When they relieve themselves outdoors, we’ll help you learn how to use positive reinforcement to encourage that behavior. 

As these practices become habits, your puppy will learn better potty routines, and once they’re trained, your puppy will rarely relieve themselves inside the home, but if it does occur, it may be a sign of a medical or behavioral issue.

Learn Dog Brain and Train Exercises for a Better Bonding Experience

All Dogs Unleashed OKC uses dog brain and train sessions to help your puppy develop their mental and cognitive abilities. Traditional obedience training only teaches and enforces specific behaviors, but brain training teaches your puppy to use their mind. Doing so is effective in promoting better behavior as well as helping to keep your puppy’s mind stimulated.

The process teaches your puppy to use creative thinking and problem-solving skills in their daily routines, and it involves games that both you and your puppy will find fun and enjoyable. The entertaining aspects of brain training will keep your puppy engaged and promote easier learning. Furthermore, brain training helps reinforce behaviors that are specific to your puppy’s breed and that will reduce anxiety and behavioral issues.

We Provide Positive Puppy Training in OKC

All Dogs Unleashed OKC offers the training that’s essential for helping you and your new pet get through the early stages of puppyhood. We’ll give you and your puppy the tools you need to enjoy a positive and happy life together. Contact us today to inquire about specific types of training or to sign your puppy up for training.

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