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Whether you’re bringing home a young puppy for the first time or noticing new behavioral issues in your adult dog, obedience training plays a vital role in your experience with your dog as well as your dog’s quality of life. An obedient dog is a happy dog, and happy dogs make for happy owners, too! If you’re looking for the best dog training OKC has to offer, look no further than All Dogs Unleashed!

Best Dog Training OKC for Dogs of All Types

All Dogs Unleashed is one of Oklahoma City’s premiere dog training facilities. With a roster of highly experienced trainers and plenty of glowing testimonials from satisfied customers, it’s clear to see that All Dogs Unleashed is the right place to train your dog in the OKC area. 

At All Dogs Unleashed, our ultimate goal is to unleash your dog’s full potential with specialized obedience training methods that are driven by results. Our trainers are fully equipped to work with dogs of all ages, breeds, and backgrounds. Additionally, we value keeping up our relationships with our canine clients, which is why we offer unlimited follow-up service throughout your pup’s life.

Dog Board and Train Oklahoma City

Our board and train program is our most popular dog training program because of how immersive and transformative it is for each dog we train. All Dogs Unleashed Board and Train Oklahoma City is a two-week program that is designed for all breeds, sizes, and temperaments. 

The trainers at All Dogs Unleashed focus on replicating real-life situations for your dog so that they can learn how to behave in a variety of situations and take that knowledge back home once the program is over. 

Unlike other training programs that teach obedience in unnatural environments that your dog won’t be able to translate into at-home life, All Dogs Unleashed’s board and train program encourages good behavior in your dog, whether they’re at home, at the park, or in an unfamiliar place. 

Our program is best for puppies and young adult dogs that don’t have prior training experience and serve to benefit from long-form, immersive training sessions. Our training services at All Dogs Unleashed are also effective for dog owners with busy schedules, as well as dogs with behavioral issues that need special attention from a trainer.

What Can You Expect After Two Weeks of Dog Obedience Training OKC?

The board and train program at All Dogs Unleashed focuses on several of the most common complaints that dog owners have and teaches dogs how to behave properly in a variety of situations. Though each dog has unique strengths and challenges, we make sure to give each of our dogs a well-rounded training experience during their stay with us. 

After two weeks of obedience training with our All Dogs Unleashed trainers, your dog will be able to perform a variety of commands both at home and in public, including:

  • Coming when called
  • Heeling on the leash
  • Sitting and staying
  • Understanding boundaries

Additionally, we teach each dog in our program to stop nuisance barking, jumping, chewing, and other unwanted behaviors. If your dog has specific behavioral issues that you want us to work on, we’ll take those into account as we work with your dog over the two-week period. 

Your convenience matters to us, which is why we provide free pick-up and drop-off services for each of our board and train students. If you’re not sure if our program is the right one for you and your dog, we’re happy to schedule a free in-person demonstration of our teaching methods so you can make an informed choice.

In-Home Oklahoma City Dog Training

Some dog owners prefer to be directly involved in their dog’s training., and if that sounds like something you’d prefer over our two-week immersive board and train experience, in-home dog training with All Dogs Unleashed is the perfect option for you and your pup. 

With in-home dog training, you can receive the same highly specialized training from our professional trainers within the comfort of your home. When you sign up for in-home training with All Dogs Unleashed, you’ll receive two in-depth training sessions with one of our trainers scheduled two weeks apart, giving you plenty of time to practice the skills you learned in your first session with your dog before you follow up again with your trainer and expand upon them. 

In-home training is a great option for dogs of all types, but dogs that are reactive or unfriendly to other dogs may benefit the most from this style of training. However, if reactivity is a concern with you and your pup, don’t worry, as your trainer will find ways to work on your dog’s reactivity even with the in-home training option. We tailor each training experience to the dog’s needs and strengths and will always make sure that you’re fully satisfied with your training experience! 

In-home dog training OKC clients with All Dogs Unleashed can expect many of the same results as our board and train program, as we bring our results-driven training methods to every training session we do, no matter where we are. We’ll teach your dog to come, heel, sit and stay, do their bathroom business appropriately, and cope with separation anxiety effectively, alongside many other skills.

Sign Up for High-Quality Oklahoma City Dog Training with All Dogs Unleashed

If you think your puppy or adult dog could benefit from some professional training, now is the time to get started. Contact us today to sign up for our board and train program, inquire about in-home training, or schedule your free demo.