Dog Training OKC

In 2 Weeks Your Dog Will:

  • Come when called
  • Sit / Stay
  • Place command
  • Walk nicely and heel
  • Behave appropriately
  • Achieve off-leash control
  • Learn boundaries
  • Get socialized

Your Dog Will Stop:

  • Leash Pulling
  • Digging
  • Nipping
  • Jumping
  • Nuisance Barking
  • Scratching
  • Chewing
  • And much more

Dog Training in Oklahoma City, OK

Your pet's welfare is important to us. All Dogs Unleashed Dog Training uses the most humane techniques available in the dog training industry. We will train ANY dog, solve ANY problem, and offer the structure that you and your dog will enjoy!  At All Dogs Unleashed Dog Training, we prioritize your pet's welfare above all else. Our commitment to using the most humane techniques and providing the best dog training available in the industry sets us apart. We believe that every dog, regardless of age, breed, or behavior, deserves a chance at a fulfilling, obedient life. Our promise is simple: We will train ANY dog, solve ANY problem, and provide a structured environment that both you and your dog will cherish.

Board & Train

Our Board & Train Oklahoma City program includes a two-week stay at our newly designed facility with a full staff present 7 days a week, making this option accommodating to you & your family.

When you choose our Board & Train program in Oklahoma City, you're opting for a comprehensive training experience for your dog. Over the span of two weeks, your dog will reside in our recently redesigned facility, which has been crafted to offer both comfort and a stimulating environment.

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In-Home Training

In-Home dog training Oklahoma City program is perfect for owners who want to be involved in the training. We design the one on one training sessions around your behavior goals.

Whether you're aiming for basic obedience or addressing particular behavioral challenges, we're here to guide you. And the best part? All of this happens within the familiar confines of your home, allowing us to tackle any specific household challenges head-on.

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The All Dogs Unleashed Difference

All Dogs Unleashed Dog Training specializes in result-oriented Obedience Training.

A dog trained by All Dogs Unleashed Dog Training is a happy dog and happy dogs lead to happy owners. After completing our program you will understand the tools and techniques necessary to have a well-rounded pet. All Dogs Unleashed Dog Training will help you communicate with your dog while strengthening your bond. We offer well-balanced customizable programs that will meet the individual needs of your pet. Choose between our In-Home Training program or the Board and Train Program.

Our experienced trainers are dedicated to ensuring that both you and your pet have a positive training experience. We believe in fostering trust, understanding, and mutual respect between dogs and their owners, ensuring a harmonious relationship for years to come.

A Few of Our Wall of Fame Clients

Work with the Best Dog Trainers in Oklahoma City

If you’re an owner looking for dog or puppy training in Oklahoma City, you aren’t looking to send your dog just anywhere. The right training provides the foundation for your relationship with your dog. It can also make the difference between a loving, well-behaved pet and a dog who bites, jumps, barks excessively, and chases other dogs.

At All Dogs Unleashed, we provide some of the most effective dog obedience training in Oklahoma City, OK. If you choose our board and train program, your dog will stay with us at our state-of-the-art facility for two weeks. During that time, our trainers will address any problematic behaviors and start teaching your dog to follow commands — even when they aren’t leashed!

With our boarding and training program, your dog will learn to behave around other dogs and tune out distractions as you give commands. We use the most humane methods in the industry, working with your dog’s natural psychology to ensure they follow the rules even when you aren’t around.

Of course, every dog needs some level of reinforcement. Once your pet has completed dog training in Oklahoma City, our trainers will spend an hour or two showing you what your dog has learned and teaching you how to continue training at home.

We stand behind our dog training in OKC, so we will offer you follow-up training sessions for your dog’s entire life!

In-Home Dog Obedience Training in OKC

If you’re the kind of owner who wants to work with your dog every step of the way, we offer in-home dog and puppy training in Oklahoma City. With this program, you work with the same trainers (and get the same results) as you would with our boarding and training program.

Our trainers have worked with just about every behavioral issue there is, so we can help you and your dog with any issue, no matter how challenging! All Dogs Unleashed can also work with any age — we have experience with puppies to senior dogs.

Our in-home dog training in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma consists of two training sessions spaced two weeks apart. That might seem like a long time between sessions, but it’s designed to give you enough time to practice with your dog. After the first session, your trainer will give you key commands and exercises to practice.

At the second session, your trainer will see how much your dog has improved and can help you work on anything that still needs improvement. This is especially important if you’re seeking puppy training in OKC. Puppies have a lot to learn, and it can sometimes take persistence to get them to stop all troublesome behaviors. 

Once your training sessions are over, that doesn’t mean you can no longer work with the best dog trainers in Oklahoma City. We realize that dogs sometimes lapse into old behaviors after a few years, so we can work with you to re-address those behaviors as needed.

The All Dogs Unleashed Commitment to Canine Excellence

Beyond Training: A Lifelong Commitment

In Oklahoma City, our commitment to your dog's well-being goes beyond the initial training sessions. We understand that dogs, like humans, evolve and change over time. As they age, new behaviors might emerge, or old ones might resurface.

Always Here for You and Your Pet

Our dedication to you and your pet doesn't wane once the formal training concludes. We're always a call away, ready to offer advice, support, or additional training sessions if needed. This lifelong commitment ensures that your dog remains a well-behaved and cherished member of your family.

Building a Community of Well-Trained Dogs in OKC

Our vision is to foster a community of well-trained, happy dogs in Oklahoma City. By offering a range of training programs and standing by our methods, we aim to make OKC a haven for dog lovers and their furry companions.

Group Dog Training Classes in OKC

Private Dog Training Sessions in OKC

Take the Leap Toward a Harmonious Relationship

Your Perfect Companion Awaits

In Oklahoma City, every shared moment with your dog is a testament to the bond you share. At All Dogs Unleashed we resonate with the essence of these moments. Our comprehensive training modules, coupled with our unwavering commitment, ensure that every playful bark or wag is a stride toward a fortified bond. Don't let another day pass with miscommunications or chewed-up belongings. Seize the moment to revolutionize your dog's behavior and elevate your bond.

Connect with us today, and together, let's embark on this transformative journey. Your dream companion is merely a training session away in the heart of OKC.

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