A big part of adopting a dog is making sure it’s properly trained.

Dogs are eager to please. As such, they learn quickly when the trainer takes a positive and consistent approach to work with them. The time you spend training your puppy or adult dog will be an investment in your future happiness with your pet. 

While you can train your pet on your own, there are benefits to hiring a professional trainer or enrolling your pet in classes.

If you’re considering adopting your first dog, you’ll likely have many questions, one of which may be, “How much does dog training cost in Oklahoma City?” Here’s the answer to that all-important question and others that might pop up along the way.

how much does dog training cost in OKC

How Much Does Dog Training Cost in Oklahoma City?

As you start exploring the costs of training for your puppy or dog, you’ll have to consider which sort of training is best for your breed and situation.

Generally speaking, there are three types of training programs for dogs: individual or private lessons, classes with other dogs, or training in a boarding facility. 

Individual or Private Dog Training in OKC

This option has a moderate to high dog-training cost since it involves the trainer coming to your home for one-on-one sessions. On average, in-home training costs between $45 and $120 per hour. The benefit of this option is that you can customize the training to meet specific needs, such as getting extra help with housebreaking. 

All Dogs Unleashed Oklahoma City offers two in-home private training sessions, with a two-week break between the sessions to give you time to work with your puppy or dog. 

During the break, you should take the time to reinforce the lessons the trainer taught during the first session. The lessons will teach you how to handle your dog more effectively, whether it’s free or on a leash.

Through our private lessons, your dog will learn to come when you call it by name and walk without pulling. We’ll also help you teach it to sit and stay in a specific place.

Our training sessions will focus on teaching your dog to ignore distractions, and we can even help deal with issues like separation anxiety.

Dog Training Classes

Enrolling your dog in training classes with other dogs has two main benefits. 

For one thing, the atmosphere involved in training multiple dogs together will provide socialization opportunities for your dog. Your pet will learn to behave around other dogs and people throughout the course. As a result, it will behave better in uncontrolled social situations.

Lower dog-training cost is the second benefit of shared classes. Since the trainer works with multiple dogs at once, several pet owners share the cost. The average cost of class training is $50, but the rates can range between $30 and $80 per class, depending on class size, the specific trainer, and other factors.

Training in a Boarding Facility

This option is ideal for pets that need a little extra attention as they go through Oklahoma City dog training. It’s also a better alternative for pet owners who may not have the time to spend training their dogs personally. It involves boarding your pet in a facility where it will receive training from a certified trainer.

At All Dogs Unleashed Oklahoma City, our boarding facility is fully staffed throughout the week and on weekends, ensuring that your dog gets the attention and care it needs. 

There’s a wide range of rates for this type of dog training. OKC facilities generally charge between $200 and $600 per week; for more intensive training, commonly called “boot camp” training, the costs increase to $500–$1,250 per week.

All Dogs Unleashed offers a two-week intensive program that focuses on correcting various behavioral issues.

We’ll provide compassionate corrective training for housebreaking, mouthing or biting, aggressive jumping, barking and whining, and destructive chewing. We’ll also help set important boundaries that your dog must learn to respond to your commands.

Avoid Behavioral Problems with Our Effective Training Services

The benefits of a brief training program with All Dogs Unleashed Oklahoma City will last a lifetime.

With a little expert training, your dog will understand what’s acceptable and what’s not and become a better-behaved, more dependable companion in the process. Contact us today to learn more about our training options.