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Getting a new puppy is an experience comprised of equal parts joy and exhaustion. Each puppy comes with unique quirks, which can be challenging—especially for first-time dog owners. If you are planning to get a dog, or have encountered training issues with your brand-new puppy, All Dogs Unleashed, can help establish preventive training as well as provide problem-solving new puppy training.

Because dogs have a strong social drive, a willingness to please, and the intelligence to learn quickly, dogs have rightfully earned their place as humankind’s best friend in the animal kingdom. One of the few animals who recognizes and responds to the human finger-point, one might assume that training a dog would be intuitive and simple.

However well humans may get along with their canine companions, the truth is that there is quite a large culture gap between you and your new puppy. Despite his willingness to please, your little one needs to 1) understand what you want, 2) resist his natural impulses calling him to “misbehave” and 3) decide that what YOU want is more worth pursuing than what HE wants to do.

After all, it’s the poor employer who doesn’t make sure an employee understands expectations and knows how well he’s being compensated for his time. All Dogs Unleashed can help you establish a relationship with your dog that is based on mutual understanding, respect, and ultimately your authority as your dog’s rightful protector.

Now, even if you have been very successful at training your puppy to obey YOU, how well does your friend obey other family members who come to visit? Friends? Staff at doggy daycare or the grooming facility?

In order for your canine companion to be able to move freely in the world and be a welcome addition anywhere dogs are welcome, it is your responsibility to engage in training practices that ensure that your dog will behave at all times and for anyone—from the vet to the mail carrier—who will be in his presence.

While we won’t make your dog less effective at alarming you to intruders or protecting your home, powerful dogs especially must learn how to be impeccably behaved canine citizens. As the owner of such a dog, it’s equally important that you engage in training to learn how to be the ideal leader for your beloved puppy.

We cater our training to each individual dog’s quirks, but across the board we use positive reinforcement techniques. We keep a three-pronged focus on working with your dog through direction, attention, and stimulation during our two-week, immersive experience.

Our techniques create a new framework in your dog’s mind to accommodate the commands you’ll use together. Once we’ve trained both you and your new puppy, you will be able to work with him on any types of commands you desire, from basic obedience to agility and fun tricks!

Even if you’ve had a tough start, fear not. The companion of your dreams will soon become a reality after dog training dallas with All Dogs Unleashed.


puppy training in dallas

There is more to being a puppy parent than snuggles and love. You have to put in the hard work of raising your puppy to be a member of your family and a functioning member of society. If you are looking for puppy training in Boise, look no further than All Dogs Unleashed.

Just as you wouldn’t sign a baby up for kindergarten, you also should not start a puppy in obedience school until they are developmentally ready. Generally, a puppy can start obedience school at 6 months of age, but don’t worry… there is plenty you can do to start your pup on the training path before then.

Start with simple commands

You can expect your puppy to be able to learn simple tasks such as ‘stay,’ ‘sit,’ and ‘down’ as young as 2 months old. Starting early helps your dog get prepared for his official puppy training. Your at home training will create a foundation for the animal’s behavior that he will be able to build on during obedience training.

Puppy Day Care

Take advantage of the puppy day care program offered by All Dogs Unleashed, especially if you have to leave your puppy alone for long periods of time during the day. Our day care offering allows your pup to meet and socialize with other dogs and people, while getting to know the facility where they will potentially begin their training in a few short weeks or months. Allowing them to become acclimated to the location before their training begins sets your dog up for success in the training program. Your dog will learn behavioral expectations by interacting with people and other dogs that have already been through the training.

The benefits of puppy day care are wide-ranging. Along with socialization, your dog will get abundant exercise, playtime and walks in both our indoor and outdoor areas. Doggy day care is a great way to treat your dog while you’re training him at the same time.


Taking your puppy for regular grooming early on helps get him used to being handled by someone other than you. It also becomes just another trip to All Dogs Unleashed and your dog will look forward to the trip. Plus you will get the bonus of having a soft, clean, huggable puppy without having to put in all the work involved in grooming.


If you’re planning a getaway to a location that doesn’t allow you to bring your furry friend along, don’t risk leaving him with people he’s not used to. By taking advantage of our affordable boarding program you will get the added bonus of helping to teach your dog how he is expected to behave when you’re away for more than a few hours.

Keep up with vaccinations and spaying/neutering

After 7 months of age, dogs will not be accepted at our facility (and most others) without these credentials, so be sure to take your dog for regular checkups and keep up with the veterinarian’s prescribed vaccination schedule.

By following all of these practices, you will help prepare your pooch for his eventual enrollment in the All Dogs Unleashed obedience school. If you choose to take advantage of our Board and Train offering, you can rest assured that your puppy will be well taken care of during the two-week program. Everything you could wish for in an obedience school will be covered including house training, chewing, jumping, digging, biting, barking, and much more! Best of all is our follow-through; when it comes time to take your puppy home, we will spend ample quality time teaching you how to successfully continue with the training methods at home.

It may be difficult to know when your puppy is ready to leave the nest for obedience school, but with a little help along the way you can make sure that when the time comes, he’s a star pupil.