Many pet owners lately have found themselves needing to quickly and effectively train their dogs to cooperate and behave. At All Dogs Unleashed, we offer an in-home training program that allows owners to be more involved throughout the training process.

Our in-home dog training Boise services allow you to enjoy each of the benefits that come with our training methods designed specifically for your goals. All of our trainers are highly qualified and work with you to train your dog while achieving the same results your pooch would achieve at one of our professional facilities

When you sign up for our at-home training program, we will come to your home for two training sessions. Each of these sessions is scheduled two weeks apart, allowing you time to practice what you and your dog have learned between the two of you.

Private sessions such as these, create an environment for the best possible learning experience. When your dog has mastered the basics, we will work with you to train your dog to walk off-leash and avoid distractions. We will also teach you how to halt any unwanted behavior from your dog and maintain obedience around all other animals and people he/she encounters.

Each of our skilled trainers helps you and your dog learn how to accomplish specific training goals. Following the private lessons through this program, we will continue to offer unlimited follow-up for your dog’s life.