Dog Training Minneapolis

In 2 Weeks Your Dog Will:

  • Come when called
  • Sit / Stay
  • Place command
  • Walk nice in Heel
  • Behave appropriately
  • Achieve off leash control
  • Learn boundaries
  • Get socialized

Your Dog Will Stop:

  • Leash Pulling
  • Digging
  • Nipping
  • Jumping
  • Nuisance Barking
  • Scratching
  • Chewing
  • etc…

After completing our program you will understand the tools and techniques necessary to have a well rounded pet. All Dogs Unleashed Dog Training Minneapolis will help you communicate with your dog while strengthening your bond. We offer well balanced customizable programs that will meet the individual needs of your pet.

Dog Training in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Your pet's welfare is important to us. All Dogs Unleashed Dog Training Minneapolis uses the most humane techniques available in the dog training industry. We will train ANY dog, solve ANY problem, and offer the structure that you and your dog will enjoy!

A Few of Our Wall of Fame Clients

Training Questionnaire

    Dog Training Minneapolis

    We offer the best, most effective dog training Minneapolis in the area. We guarantee results for dogs of all ages and sizes. We'll assign you a dog trainer to efficiently coach your canine companion and deliver results.

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    Dog Obedience Training

    Dogs are man’s best friend and can be one of the most delightful additions to any family. However, if a dog isn’t well trained, it can go from being the family’s joy to a difficult part of family life. Before you decide to own a pet dog, you should consider how a dog trainer or certified training program could make that transition easier. 

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    Dog Board and Train

    The first step to starting your dog or puppy on a training regimen is finding a reputable dog board and train program near you. Look for a program run by a dog trainer whose training methods you are comfortable with; positive reinforcement training works best for most dogs. 

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