This command is the most natural concept for most dogs and thus, this is the easiest command to teach. Usually, this is the first type of dog training command you introduce to your dog. Learning this command means that your dog is ready for training. Even pets who are new to the training can easily grasp this command after a few sessions. And, this is a transition type of command, so your pets can follow and move on to other directives.


Teaching your dogs to lay down is a key aspect in controlling their behavior. This command is even more important to large dogs as they have the tendency to bolt and run off quickly. If your pets know how to lay down, you can take them to a park or a nearby café. A dog that feels comfortable to be in public gives you the freedom to enjoy a nice sunny day outside. This command helps you control your dog’s behavior and in no time, you can teach them more complicated tricks like the classic playing dead or rolling over.


This dog training command is a very important skill every dog should know. If your dog knows how to stay put, you lessen the risk of letting your dog run off to unfamiliar places. It is recommended that when you teach your dogs this skill, they are either hungry or tired so they won’t get too hyper to focus. Also, be patient. Some dogs take a couple of tries to understand the word tay’ and a couple of weeks before they can master the command. As this protects your dog from any harm or danger, keep a bag of treats everywhere you go so you can train them like a pro.


Taking your dog off-leash means that you should teach them how to come to you when they are called. Dog Training Dallas recommends that before you teach the skill of Come, your dog should already know the skill of Stay. If by any chance your dogs break off her leash, you can ensure that they’ll come around. Teaching this command to your pets can save their lives from any danger.


When you teach your dog the command Heel, you teach them to walk by your side calmly especially if you are out running and exercising. This skill is even more important for larger pups who can easily pull the leash away from you. Once your pet dog can heel, walks are more pleasant to enjoy with your dog.


Dogs love to jump on visitors and claw on furniture. So, if your pup cannot keep four paws on the floor, it is a test to teach them the skill of staying off. Also, never confuse teaching the command Down and Off. Here, you want your dogs to remain calm when meeting visitors and keeping their paws away from a piece of furniture.


Pet owners teach the command No when they want their dogs not to do something. A simple yet firm no teaches dogs to listen, heed your word, and follow your command. No makes a good and all-purpose command as this single word of command tells your pups not to do something.