All Dogs Unleashed offers the perfect solution for owners who want to be directly involved in their dog's training with our In-Home Training program. Our experienced trainers will help you achieve your desired training goals in the comfort of your own home.

Our program includes four private lessons scheduled two weeks apart, allowing you and your dog to have practice time in-between. With a focus on results-oriented obedience training and behavior modification, our trainers will help you achieve complete control of your dog off-leash and during real-world distractions. We'll also teach you how to stop all unwanted behaviors from your dog and maintain obedience around other animals and guests.

Our highly-qualified trainers are equipped to address any breed of dog, and our training method is suitable for all dogs. We believe in creating a learning environment that is conducive to your dog's success, and our private sessions provide just that. Plus, with unlimited follow-up for the life of your dog, we're always here to support you and your furry friend on your training journey. Contact us today to schedule your in-home training sessions with All Dogs Unleashed!

Our In-Home Training program teaches:

  • Come when called
  • Walk nice in a heeling position
  • Sit/stay
  • Go to place and wait
  • Potty training
  • Understand boundaries
  • Coping with separation anxiety
  • Desensitizing to real world distractions

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