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In the canine world, some dog breeds are well-known for being stubborn, or more difficult to train, than other types. Spitz-type dogs are independent and suspicious of strangers, herding dogs are wickedly clever and easily bored, hunting hounds can be impossible to call off an exciting target, and even deceptively docile dogs like English bulldogs can become difficult to train if given too little guidance. All Dogs Unleashed values training that is tailored to the individual pooch, but these ten tips are suitable for every dog owner. Boise & Meridian for Stubborn Breeds: class is in session!

  1. Understand Your Dog’s Genetic Drives

Each dog breed has been developed to fill a certain niche in the canine world. Before you choose your furry friend, research the breed you’re interested in. Try to find a dog whose energy levels, drives, and trainability are suitable for your personality and lifestyle.

If you have already begun a journey with your canine companion and have found yourself struggling to train a “stubborn” dog, it’s vital that you understand what genetic drives makes your dog tick. You can’t train a hunting dog the way you would train a Maltese, and likewise a Husky and a Great Dane require different approaches.

Although today’s tips are useful with stubborn breeds of all types, only by understanding how your dog thinks will you be able to bring out their full potential. Often a dog that has been labeled stubborn or difficult to train only needs a different mode of communication.

Remain open to the possibility that your dog is not really stubborn, just confused or unenthused about your current training methods. If your dog does turn out to be a case of true stubbornness, take heart: even the most stubborn dogs can be made manageable given consistent training over time.

  1. Rule Out Medical Issues

Sometimes a dog who won’t sit is really a dog with a painful knee, hip, or spine, and a dog who won’t listen to any command cannot hear at all. Before you begin addressing an odd behavioral issue, it’s important to get a clean bill of health from your dog’s veterinarian.

  1. Examine Your Unintended Reinforcers

Sometimes what we may think is discouraging a dog from a behavior may have the unfortunate effect of reinforcing that behavior instead. For example, a dog will never learn to stay off the counters if tasty tidbits are constantly left unsupervised; in this case, the available food would be too strong of a temptation for a dog-in-training to resist.

Paying too much attention to a misbehaving dog, petting an aggressive dog to “calm it down,” interacting with a dog with wild enthusiasm, and running after a dog who has taken off down the street are all common examples of ways owners are accidentally training their dogs to keep right on being fluffy terrors.

In order to reign in problem behaviors, you and your household will need to carefully examine your patterns of behavior through the lens of your dog’s genetic behavior blueprint. Everyone in your home must be on the same page when it comes to your house rules and training methods, which extends to unconsciously or unintentionally reinforcing unwanted patterns of behavior.

Prepare to make lasting changes to your habits and routine in order to help your dog be as well-mannered as possible.

  1. Avoid Punishments

Instead of giving your dog feedback about what you expect with regards to behavior, punishment serves to increase your dog’s anxiety and mistrust. An anxious dog will not be able to learn, and a dog who fears you will not be motivated to please you.

In place of punishment, it’s important to recapture your dog’s focus and reinforce the behaviors you would like to see repeated with treats, praise, and playtime.

  1. Capture Your “Stubborn” Dog’s Attention

Often when a dog owner says a dog is “stubborn” and “will not listen,” we find out that the owner has not first taught the dog to listen. A dog does not innately understand how to pay attention to you and receive visual and verbal cues. While some companion breeds are remarkably intuitive and pliant, any dog breed that has a reputation for being stubborn may be a dog that is having trouble paying attention.

Sometimes the issue is simply that the dog has entered the adolescent phase and is struggling with focus; this is something that all dogs experience normally, whether they will be stubborn as adults.

Whether you’re trying to capture your dog’s attention for the first time, or recapturing a dog’s wandering focus, make sure you understand what captures your dog’s attention. Then, remove your dog from stimulus that will out-compete you as a trainer. This will set the stage for you to use treats and praise to capture and hold your dog’s focus.

  1. Begin with High-Value Treats

Nothing holds a dog’s attention quite like a juicy, high-value treat. If you want to be sure your dog will pay attention to you, you first have to establish that you are the source of all good things.

Prepare a baggie of chicken, beef chunks, dried liver, or cubes of healthy mozzarella cheese. Peanut butter is a tried-and-true favorite, but it’s difficult to work with in a training setting. Stick to treats your dog loves, but will not have access to when you are not training. Bits of kibble or dry dog biscuit will not reliably hold your dog’s attention, so save those for routine meals and snacks.

  1. Expect to Progress Slowly

As soon as you can capture your dog’s attention, communicate a command, and have that command followed, it’s time to plateau for a while. Continue to work that command all day, every day.

Be sure you’re calm, use a light and upbeat tone, and brush off your dog’s inevitable mistakes. A confident dog trainer—which is your new role—will not react emotionally or cause a scene when the dog slips up.

Instead, just recapture your dog’s focus, reward every small step toward obedience, and continue to work your dog as often as you can.

  1. Begin to Add Distractions

Once your dog exhibits perfectly consistent obedience on a cue, it’s time to introduce distractions. For some dogs, even moving to a busier area in the home is enough to create a challenge.

As soon as your dog has to work with you to remain on command, you’ve found your next training plateau. Continue working with this level of distraction until your dog has once again demonstrated confident mastery, then introduce another type of distraction and begin again.

  1. Make Training a Habit for Your Dog’s Entire Life

The process of adding distractions and teaching your dog to work through them is infinitely repeatable. As your dog continues to learn new commands and encounter new situations, you will once again have a training target to shoot for.

Training is not a brief period of time intended to teach an impressionable puppy how to be a perfect dog; rather, it’s a way of interacting with a dog throughout its life that makes it happy to look to you for direction in all things.

  1. Work with Professional Dog Trainers Like Us

All Dogs Unleashed can send a trainer directly to your home. There, your trainer will be able to analyze your dynamic with your dog and show you how to communicate commands so that your dog understands you and is strongly motivated to obey.

In the long term, it’s vital that your training dynamic with your dog be cooperative, not adversarial or confrontational. If you are struggling with a stubborn breed, we recommend involving a professional trainer as soon as possible. Bad habits are easily learned and not as easily trained away, so contact us to schedule your in-home visit today.

puppy training dallas

While you’re working on training your puppy, it’s important to train your dog to respond to you in a wide variety of locations. Because dogs perceive new situations as entirely different environments—potentially with a different set of rules—exposure to a multitude of locations, humans, and other dogs is vital. Today we are sharing recommendations for where to take your dog to practice your puppy training – Boise Dog-Friendly locations are numerous, and the city caters to canines more with each passing year! Here are our top picks for cafes and shops to break up afternoons spent at local dog parks.

Please note that your dog must remain on-leash at each of the following locations.

Half Price Books
53677 E Fairview Ave

This large Boise bookstore is famous for carrying both new and used books, but did you know they’re also great with dogs? Teach your dog to walk quietly down aisles without jumping up on others, interact politely with other dogs, and wait in the “down” position next to your chair while you kick back and read in this very friendly shop. Employees will stop by and say hi, providing extra opportunities for positive socialization.

Most Coffee Shops

While it never hurts to ask first, most Boise Coffee Shops are fine with dogs hanging out on the patio, and some allow them inside as long as they’re leashed and calm. Depending on space constraints, it might not be feasible for energetic large dogs to bound about, so if you’re working with a Great Dane puppy—all paws and enthusiasm—you will want to wear out your furry friend before you head over to pick up your caffeine.

puppy training dallas

Hardware Stores

With their concrete floors, wide aisles, and friendly employees, hardware stores are often great places to bring your puppy along. While rules for chains like Lowe’s and Home Depot have changed over the years and vary by location—so check first—almost all local hardware spots are delighted to help socialize adorable puppies.

Open spaces like these can also be excellent locations to walk puppies indoors; most young dogs can only walk for short distances, but practicing leash training and commands like “with me” is vital at every age and stage.

The Hyde House
1607 N. 13th St

The Hyde House is a gem unique to Boise! This café is all about the dogs. This café also features a public patio where all are welcome. Hyde House is a great opportunity to socialize with a huge number of dogs and dog-lovers, and your dog will be able to practice obeying commands despite a bevy of distractions.

10 Barrel Brewing
830 W Bannock St.

Boise is home to 10 Barrell Brewing, they will give you space to work your dog and even have a brew named Good Sit. It’s a great combination of a love for dogs and outdoor sports.

puppy training dallas

In these settings, you’ll be able to work with your puppy on restraint; we’ve never met a pup who wouldn’t be tempted by the delicious aromas wafting through these eateries!

Remember, practicing puppy training should be fun, no matter where you go, in Boise or around the country if you’re into travel. Keep your tone positive and upbeat, give your pup immediate feedback on behavior both negative and positive, and practice commands for brief periods of time in order to keep their attention sharply focused on the task at hand (paw).

It’s always a good idea to bring your puppy’s favorite toy, treats, or a clicker to reinforce positive behavior, especially when visiting new places. Keep in mind that even those commands your puppy has mastered – either at puppy obedience school or in your own backyard – will be more challenging for him outside of these predictable environments. Keep working on socialization, recall, and commands like “watch me,” “down,” and “leave it” to prepare your puppy to be the best he can be when out and about in Boise.

Advanced K9 Training in Fort Worth

Did you know that the United States has the most sizable population of dogs when compared to every other country in the world? That’s not a random coincidence, but rather due to the fact that dogs are man’s best buddy. Their unprecedented loyalty, ability to forgive, and amiable character ranks them as one of humans’ most beloved domestic pets. Maybe you’ve found yourself with one of these venerated creatures, or perhaps you’re considering rescuing or purchasing a dog. Here at All Dogs Unleashed, we know that for many people, their puppy is an extremely important part of their life. Analogous to raising a child, you want your puppy to be loved, cared for, and hopefully well-behaved. These characteristics don’t develop on their own; they require time, attention, and intentional training. If you’re looking for help in raising your puppy, training them, socialization time for your dog, or other services, come check us out for some of the most advanced K9 training in Boise!

Like any type of training that you do, you hope to see results. At All Dogs Unleashed, your dog will receive exceptional, results-oriented training. We have developed a program that contrasts traditional dog-training techniques. We are able to direct them in way that suits each dog and is rooted in altering their behavior and obedience. Dogs will typically be obedient in the presence of their owners, but for other individuals, they will not listen. This is the principle on which our training system is established. We actually instruct the dog to be able to teach itself, which eliminates the problems that occur due to the owners not being present.

Our two-week intensive dog-training course takes place in a highly structured environment in which your dog receives direction, stimulation, and necessary attention. Here are some of the behaviors that are addressed: house training, puppy biting, boundaries, barking, staying off of furniture, pulling on the leash, coming when called, jumping on other people, chewing, and digging. After two weeks, the dog training is complete, but the job isn’t finished yet! Now we have to train you. Consistency is extremely important when it comes to animal obedience. We don’t exit the picture until the owners are comfortable with the training system.

Though our boarding services do not directly train dogs, the time that they spend here will provide them with a positive social and learning environment. You can be reassured that your “best friend” will be well taken care of, comfortable and safe. The 4 x 4 kennels (or 4 x 6 for two dogs from the same household) are cleaned daily and kept at pleasant temperatures for your canine. The food and water bowls are elevated so as not to spill in their comfy beds and they’ll be surrounded by soothing sounds of music. Doggie Daycare is also provided to our canine boarding guests. During the day, they’ll be busy socializing, playing and being pampered. All dogs must be spayed or neutered after seven months and provide proof of updated vaccines such as rabies, Bordetella (updated every six months) and Parvo.

All Dogs Unleashed is Boise/Meridian’s answer to your dog’s every need. We pride ourselves on providing your pooch with state-of-the-art areas for training, boarding, day care, grooming and most important, your peace of mind when you have to be away from your beloved dog.