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Is a dog training franchise right for you?

As the cost of living continues to rise, wages are not following suit. Being an employee in a single role often means your opportunities for advancement are limited; your salary has a cap, and the room for advancement may be non-existent.

For motivated individuals who want to create sustainable wealth for themselves and their families, it’s clear that the path forward is independent entrepreneurship. Read on to learn more about the franchising opportunities available through All Dogs Unleashed!

“Dog People” Make The Best Dog Trainers

If you’re a dog person, we don’t have to tell you how much joy you’ll experience waking up every day and interacting with happy, hard-working dogs. We know that people who love dogs are motivated to treat dogs with respect, confidence, and care. In return, dogs are eager to give their best efforts.

Dog owners place a high value on trainers who work seamlessly with their animals. They want the positive results as well as the peace of mind that comes with trusting the staff at each All Dogs Unleashed location to take great care of their pets.

Our Training Methods Are Impeccable 

Every method we teach our franchise owners is evidence-based, time-tested, and proven effective over and over again. Our own experience, the experiences of our franchise owners, and the testimonials of our overjoyed clients let us know that each of our locations is doing excellent work.

Become Your Community’s Dog Training Resource

Choosing an excellent training facility is one of the key factors in producing a happy, well-behaved dog who is a joy to own. All Dogs Unleashed has a stellar reputation, which means word of mouth will be a powerful source of new clients for you.

Nothing catches a dog owner’s eye like another person’s impeccably behaved dog. Whether they encounter your client’s dog at the dog park, at an event, or in passing in their neighborhood, they will notice the calm, obedient demeanor that only a well-trained dog will display.

“Wow, what a polite dog!” they’ll say. “Thank you,” your client may reply. “We go to All Dogs Unleashed. They’re outstanding.”

Just like that, you have an interested potential client.

Your goal is to become your community’s go-to dog training resource. You will master the techniques for training puppies, young adult dogs, and even senior dogs who are learning to adapt to old age. As a result, your personal and professional success will certainly follow your efforts.

Our High Standards Bring Sustainable Wealth

Our high standards are the same across every one of our locations. By adopting the All Dogs Unleashed name, outstanding training methods, and standards for both facility cleanliness and upkeep, your reputation will bring more business with each passing month, season, and year.

Your clients’ success will be your success. Happy dogs. Happy owners. Happy you.

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Connect with us to learn more about an All Dogs Unleashed franchising opportunity near you. We are looking for motivated, hard-working individuals who are ready to create their own success.